2021 NDAA Newsletter

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A Message From Your President

It has been an honor to serve as President of NDAA this past year! NDAA Officers, Board Members and Committees have worked hard all year on behalf of NDAA and Dental Assisting. Our Annual Session this year offers you the choice of attend-ing in person or on Zoom. Thursday speakers include diagnosing, treating, and prostheses for head

and neck cancer, the prescription drug monitoring program and treating operator neck pain. Friday will focus on BBP and IC.

Please register online and join us, either in person or on Zoom!


Cindy Cronick CDA, LDA, BS

2021-2022  ---  NDAA Officer Nominations

The Nominating Committee submits the following slate of officers and their qualifications for election to the 2019-2020 Ne-braska Dental Assistants Association Board:

President: Shannon Tschirren

President-Elect: Darlene Mundt

Vice-President: Brittany Walters

Secretary: Amanda Skuban

Treasurer: Delores Heyen

Board Members: Marie Desmarais, Donna Wilder, Katelyn Sorensen, and Renae Zarybnicky

Advisory Board: Cindy Cronick, Angel Dean, and Crystal Stuhr







Floyd Paynter Essay Trophy It was presented to the Association in 1956. It may be awarded annually to the member who has been a member of the ADAA/NDAA for at least one (1) year and who submits the best essay, meeting the following criteria: [1] Essay must be an original work, 500-1000 words in length. [2] Essay must be typewrit-ten or word processed, double-spaced on one side of the paper only. [3] Bibliography must be included with the essay. [4] Essay must be sub-mitted to the NDAA Awards Committee Chairman seven (7) calen-dar days prior to the Annual Session. Essays will be judged on: [1] Ap-pro-priateness of subject matter. [2] Correct grammar. [3} Clarity of thought. [4] Professional interest. The recipient will hold the trophy for a period of one (1) year, and should be engraved with the recipi-ent’s name.

Aloise B. Clements Trophy for Achievement (a.k.a.) Achieve-ment Award. It was given to the Association in 1937 by Mr. Joe Rat-ner in memory of Aloise B. Clements. It may be presented to a mem-ber who has provided outstanding service to the Association. Nomina-tions shall be presented to the Awards Committee Chairman. The re-cipient will hold the trophy for a period of one (1) year. It should be engraved with the recipient’s name.

Dr. Cecil Mueller Loyalty Trophy It may be awarded to the member in attendance at the Annual Session who presents verification of the longest pe-riod of continuous employment with one dentist/employer. The applicants must submit a statement that includes: [1] Initial date of employment. [2] Verification of at least five (5) years of membership in the American Dental Assistants Association and the Nebraska Dental Assistants Association. [3] Verification of the dentist/employer. [4] Signature of the President of the NDAA.

Nominations shall be presented to the Awards Committee Chairman prior to the Pre-Board Meeting for consideration. The recipient will hold the trophy for a period of one (1) year. It should be engraved with the recipient’s name.

Newsletter chairman:

Kris Vacha

15218 Borman ST.

Omaha, NE 68138


Visit us on the web at:


Student Award

R.E. Dooley Essay Award Trophy, presented by Lettie Johnson to NDAA in 1970. Each Dental Assisting School will be notified in January of the awards requirements and the plaque will be pre-sented at the NDAA Annual Session. In 2000, the original plaque was modified to become a sepa-rate plaque for each Dental Assisting Program (Mid-Plains, Central, Southeast, and Metropolitan). The name of the award winning student essayist shall be engraved on a bronze plate to be mount-ed on the plaque of the winner’s school. The contest is open to all student members of the NDAA. [1] Essays are to be original works of the student, 500-1000 words in length. [2] Essays are to be typewritten or word processed on one side of the page only. [3] Bibliography must be included with the essay. [4] Essays must be submitted to the NDAA Awards Committee seven (7) days prior to the Annual Session. Essays will be judged on:

Subject matter, Grammar, Spelling, Clarity of thought, and Professional Interest. Each school may submit three (3) of their best essays. The winning essay award is $25.00 cash.

Essay may not be material that was prepared for another purpose. [1] Proof reading, assisting in typing, etc. is not allowed by in-structors of students submitting an essay. [2] Essays received be-yond the accepted date will not be considered. [3] Essays become the property of the Association and will not be returned. [4] Prior to judging the essays, each should be numbered by a non-committee member to keep the identity of the school and student unknown. All evidence of stu-dent/school name should be covered. A ranking order may be devised for scoring (i.e. scale of 1-10). The highest total scores are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

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