Revised 2016


Rules on attendees of the NDAA Annual Conference

1.      No individual shall take part in the proceedings of the Annual Conference until the individual has registered and secured an official conference badge. Badges must be visible at all business and educational functions.

Rules on Delegates

1.      A credentialed alternate may take the place of a credentialed delegate during any business meeting, provided the change is recorded by the Credentials Chairman. Such changes must be verified by the Local President or other authorized officer.

2.      Any delegate whishing the floor shall stand, wait to be recognized address the Chair, and state their name and the name of their Local. If a microphone is available for delegates, it should be utilized when addressing the House.  (When appropriate, the delegate should state whether they are speaking in favor of or in opposition to a question.)


1.      Individuals attending business and educational sessions must register prior to admittance.

2.      In addition, the Board of Directors and all delegates and alternates must receive the official ribbons and voting cards for balloting to attend the House of Delegates.

3.      All pre-registered officers, etc., will receive this information prior to the meeting.

Rules on Credentials Committee

1.      The Credentials Committee shall report at the beginning of each meeting of the House of Delegates the number of credentialed delegates, alternates, and voting members of the Board od Directors who are registered and shall make a supplementary report at each House of Delegates business session.

Rules on Nominations and Elections

1.      Individuals who are nominated less than thirty (30) days before the election may be nominated from the floor of the House of Delegates by a voting member. Candidates nominated from the floor must make written qualification available to all delegates voting for this position. The voting member must inform the House of Delegates of the candidates’ qualifications and shall submit these qualifications to the Secretary. All candidates shall present an oral statement to the Delegates and may distribute only informational materials to the House of Delegates. Campaign material is not allowed for distribution to the House of Delegates.

2.      No candidates for officer shall serve as a teller or member of the Election Committee.



Rules on House of Delegates Meeting

1.      The House of Delegates of the Nebraska Dental Assistants Association consist of:

a.      Credentialed delegates elected by the Local Society or the membership of geographical areas with no Local, or (in their place) credentialed alternates.

b.      The credentialed voting members of the Board of Directors

2.      On student delegate (without voting privilege) from each school may be seated with their respective Local delegation.

3.      All motions and amendments made from the floor shall be presented in writing on the official form to the presiding officer.

4.      Debate on any question shall be limited to two (2) minutes for each speaker.  The timekeeper shall indicate to each speaker a thirty (30) second warning before expiration of time allowed. No speaker shall speak more than once on the same question until all have spoken.

5.      The right to speak may be granted to any individual who is not a member of the House of Delegates by the Chair or by a majority vote of the House of Delegates.

6.      Materials pertaining to elections shall be limited to credentials and position statements.

7.      One official electronic recording of the proceedings of the House of Delegates shall be made by the NDAA for the purpose facilitating preparation of the minutes of the House of Delegates. No other recording (i.e. audio or video) of the business proceeding of the Annual Conference shall be permitted unless permission is granted by the House of Delegates.

8.      Minutes of the House of Delegates are the official and exclusive record of the proceedings. Minutes shall be made available to NDAA members upon written request to the NDAA President.

9.      A committee to review the House of Delegates minutes shall be appointed by the President during the First House of Delegates. The committee shall function in accordance with the NDAA Manual of Procedures.

10.   The Board of Directors shall have the authority to approve the minutes of the House of Delegates after receipt of the final report of the Minutes Review Committee.

11.   All electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, pagers, etc.) shall be silenced during the NDAA House of Delegates proceedings.

12.   Roberts Rules of Order/Newly Revised (current edition) shall be the parliamentary authority.

13.   These Conference Rules shall remain in effect for all meetings of the House of Delegates, including meetings at the next Annual Conference or special Meetings of the House of Delegates, or until such a time the House of Delegates adopts new conference rules.


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